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Welcome to Geckos

Geckos is a web-application which goal is to create Image cards, through the use of predetermined Templates.

Those templates are built in a simple language (JSON), and can be easily modified.

Choose your template in the list, or create your own, add new cards and edit them, and you can download your images !

No login required, all the work is done inside your browser with modern javascript framework !

Geckos is fully Open-Source, and the source-code is available to anyone.

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About Geckos

Geckos is a web-application, created to make cards based on templates.

This page is a demo-page for Geckos. A list of templates are pre-installed, feel free to use them, or create your own.

Templates can be found on this page of the repository, and there is a Documentation Wiki to help you create your own.

Geckos is open-source, and can be found on Github.

Geckos is still under development, and this demo page is a Beta version of the software.

Geckos relies on multiple open-source softwares & libraries :

Any problem ? Any need ? Any question ? Any bug ? Write an Issue !